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Inazuma Eleven adds three for Twe'lv

Eric Caoili

Aiming for the hearts of companionless gamers out there, Level 5 seems to have formed an idol group to both promote and appear in its Soccer RPG, Inazuma Eleven. The three girls -- left to right, Haruna Otonashi (16 years old), Natsumi Kaminarimon (18 years old), and Aki Kino (13 years old) -- make up Twe'lv, the group's name playing off the phrase "12th man," a common sports term referring to a team's fans.

In the game, each of the three girls provides a different support function for your team. Haruna covers matches and events for the school paper, following players to collect data on them. Natsumi, the top student of her class and daughter of a politician/philanthropist, is initially unimpressed with your crew, but she eventually becomes one of the team's biggest fans and benefactors. Aki, the youngest of the group, manages the team. We guess she likes to wear green skirts, too.

Twe'lv plans to perform Inazuma Eleven's ending theme, a song composed by Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger), at the World Hobby Fair in Osaka this weekend. Peek past the post break for in-game art and more promotional photos of the young trio.

[Via Famitsu]

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