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Let the Month of the Burglar begin

Samuel Axon

The Burglars of Middle-earth should be happy about Book 12 -- of this we can all be sure. We had the months of the Minstrel and the Hunter, and so on, but it's Burglars' turn for some lovin'!

Turbine has finally all-out announced the Month of the Burglar, and laid out Book 12's changes to the class for all to see. Burglars will get a new a new toggle skill called "Mischief," by which Tricks, Trick removal skills, and Riddle will be cheaper and more frequently usable, respectively. Two new skills are also available in Mischief mode -- Clever Retort and Confound.

They'll also get the previously-announced ability to bring a friend into stealth mode with them, a position-sensitive strike, some Fellowship Maneuver Response Skills, and perhaps most awesomely, the ability to summon a vendor to sell stuff to. Oh, and they'll finally be able to use clubs. And there will be equipables that will beef up Fellowship Maneuvers.

Phew! Surely all that is worth the wait, right?

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