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Resistance 2 to feature 60-player online, 8-player co-op, 2 campaigns


As pictured, the February issue of Game Informer blows the lid off Insomniac's Resistance 2, and thanks to a few good-mannered subscribers posting on NeoGAF (please thank your mommies and daddies for teaching you to share) we get a peak inside the cookie jar. And my, what cookies await!

The Resistance sequel will apparently feature two separate campaigns, one dedicated to single-player and a second for multiplayer. While the second campaign supports two-player split-screen for local play, once taken online, as many as 8 players can take on the Chimera invasion – or will we be fighting the Cloven this time? But the real treats seem to be stored in the competitive multiplayer modes, as Resistance 2 promises to support up to 60 players online – and not just 30-on-30 chaos. Some multiplayer modes will divide participants into 4- to 8-player squads each with its own virtual lobby. Squads will be tasked with unique objectives, and gameplay will be further diversified through three basic character classes: heavy weaponry, special ops (think: sniper) and medic. Insomniac's even promising an extensive stat-tracking database on, coupled with faster matchmaking than any game of 2007. Oh snap! You listening to this, Bungie?

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