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Today in Joystiq: January 11, 2008

Ross Miller

We try not to highlight eBay auctions unless they're absolutely ridiculous, and this one takes the (lying) cake. That broken potato chip is being auctioned off as Pac Man, and of course someone has placed a bid for it to the tune of $100. Are the winning bidder and auction holder co-conspirators? We really, really hope so. (Thanks, Brian) Check out the highlights for today:

DS Fanboy Lite: Jan. 6 - Jan. 11
Joystiq Podcast 033 - CES 2008 edition
Today's crossover video: Soul Calibur Star Wars

PSN Thursday: Folklore keeps telling tales, demo Stardust in HD
Assassin's Creed DS is 'Altair's Chronicles,' a prequel
SCi pulls out of buyout talks, stock plunges following Tomb Raider delay
Alone in the Dark delayed until September
Jaffe comes out for a unified game console standard
Wal-Mart 'ends' $20 Smash Bros. Brawl pre-orders
Nintendo, Sony sued for alleged patent infringement
Metal Gear Solid 4 in 'last push' for Q2 release
Resistance 2 to feature 60-player online, 8-player co-op, 2 campaigns
Kane & Lynch sells a million copies; [obligatory reviewer firing joke goes here]
Blue Dragon DS delayed indefinitely
Apollo Justice doesn't object to Feb. 12 release

Rumors & Speculation
PS3 could get downloadable Sony Pictures Television content in DivX format
Analyst: PS3 production costs dropped by 50% in a year

Culture & Community
Warning: You've got to read to play Harvey Birdman
Turn real drums into a Rock Band drum controller
EGM editor Dan Hsu talks about 'blackball' editorial
Nyko's wireless Wii nunchuk wins CNET's CES gaming award

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