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New Square MMOs plunking around internally?

Chris Chester

There are times, with all the talk about new MMOs from marquee companies better known for traditional RPG fare (think: Bioware and Bethesda), that we forget that among the first big RPG makers to make the massive jump was Square (now Square Enix) with Final Fantasy XI. While FFXI is still going strong, it's far from being the industry heavyweight that it was, and by most accounts has faded into relative obscurity. It's interesting to note then, when sat down for an interview with Yoichi Wada, MMOs were really an afterthought in the conversation.

What intrigued us though within Wada's brief mention of MMOs was his comment, "Following that, we have already prepared a few MMORPGs that have been experimentally played internally." Now, we understand that the semantics of this statement have to be taken with a grain of salt, as it's never made clear if Wada is speaking through an interpreter, but that statement would seem to indicate that they've got a number of projects in a playable state, at the very least, given that they used prepared in the past tense. As an avid console gamer myself, I'm dying to see what Square Enix could do if they took another swing at a game that encompasses not only the PC, but also the Xbox 360 and PS3 as well. Hopefully this is something we hear more about as the year progresses.

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