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Toshiba, further curious about the Cell, puts it in a laptop

Nick Doerr

The Cell processor, a key component in the PS3, has been making headlines all over the place this week. This latest bit of news for your mastication and consumption comes from Toshiba again. Remember how they put the Cell in an HDTV just for kicks? Now they've slapped the sexy processor in a laptop. It makes up the backbone of their new Spurs Engine -- a laptop that has motion-sensing, video-indexing, face-morphing, upscaling madness.

Imagine footage from a mobile phone or camera getting processed heavily from their crappy resolution into 1080p -- this laptop can do it and from the demonstrations, it doesn't look that bad at all. It's not going to look like it's 1080p, but it won't be blocky and horrid to look at. YouTube lowered our standards, after all. We'd talk more about it, but there's a video of the demonstration available -- check it out and get ready to wish for another electronic device to utilize the Cell Processor.

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