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LG VX9100, Samsung U940 "Q-Ball" (huh?) on track for Verizon this quarter

Chris Ziegler

And now for a little gem from our "let us all pray it's merely a codename" department: it appears Verizon is tossing around the name "Q-Ball" in reference to the Samsung U940, the CDMA-ified version of the lovely F700. Of course, they could call it "Flaming Bag of Dog Poo" for all we care -- it's still going to be a hot handset that'll likely find a loyal following, and we're happy to report that the carrier's currently targeting the first quarter to get this puppy into subscribers' hands. The same can be said for the LG VX9100, a phone we just caught wind of earlier today via the FCC's loose lips (see the Read link for details), though we really can't make much of it other than that it'll wow us all with EV-DO and Bluetooth. Stay tuned!

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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