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Peggle on your iPod

Scott McNulty

It would seem that I am on a mission to completely derail any chance I have to properly prepare for Macworld. First I decide to perform a brain transplant on my MacBook Pro, and now I find myself playing Peggle like a mad man.

We first covered Peggle last month, when a Mac native version was released by PopCap. Not content to merely suck all your time at your Mac away, the fine folks at PopCap have released Peggle as an iPod game as well. It costs $5.99 on the iTunes Store, but it will cost you much, much more in the way of lost productivity. Even the Wall Street Journal likes this game, though I am not sure when the WSJ started reviewing iPod games.

The full Mac version will cost you $19.99, but that includes lots of rainbows and a talking unicorn so really it is a steal at any price.

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