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Today in Joystiq: January 14, 2008

Ross Miller

Normally we'd shy away from readers sending in glamor shots, but reader Tanya is actually showing off the Nintendo scarf that she reportedly made by hand. The full thing measures 94.5 inches (approximately 7.8 feet) long and either 4.5 or 6 inches wide, depending on if you measure the mushroom or star. Check out the highlights for today:

Lost Planet on PS3 gains exclusive character
NCSoft cancels Spacetime MMO, layoffs follow
Sony announces new PS3 bundle for UK
New games this week: New Release Idol edition
Pac Attack and Riot Zone slump onto Virtual Console
SCi facing investor assault; management asked to resign
Double Fine drops new mini-game 'My Game About Me
Watch this space, Epic Games plans to double in size
Rock Band Weekly: Blink 182, The Monkees and Sweet
Nintendo welcomes two new marketing execs
This Wednesday: Boogie Bunnies do the 'match 3 dance' on XBLA
Microsoft can't talk about Live's status
CES 2008: SOE wants to pay you for 'Sharing the Wealth'
Silent Hill screenwriter arrested for suspected manslaughter
Former Midway employee suing Nintendo over Wiimote technology
Sin City gets sinfully noir in 2009
Team Fortress 2 to get 'Badlands' map remake, medic tweaks
Alone in the Dark not delayed, but Atari won't confirm March release
Burnout 3: Takedown available now on Xbox Originals
Rogue Squadron developer, Factor 5 working on Wii

Rumors & Speculation
Burnout Paradise art style inspired by rock album?
Rumor: Guitar Hero sequel to star U2

Culture & Community
Gamespot staffer Alex Navarro quits in wake of Gerstmann-gate
Most bizarre thing you'll read today: Mass Effect's 'virtual orgasmic rape'

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