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WWE in HD gets official, carnage begins next week

Darren Murph

Just in case things weren't official enough for you, WWE has gone the extra mile and boasted about WWE in HD via an on-air spot. Starting a week from today (January 21st for those taking notes), Monday Night RAW will be broadcast in high-definition for the first time on USA HD. The very next night, ECW will air in HD on Sci-Fi HD, and if you're still itching for more, you can catch the first HD showing of Smackdown on The CW HD on January 25th. Oh yeah, and then there's that little Royal Rumble thing going down on the 27th -- we're hearing that will be available in crystal clear HD, too (albeit for $10 more than the SD version). Hit the read link for a look at the promotional ad, and feel free to dig up your stash of bandannas and ripped-up shirts up from the bottom drawer -- next week's gonna be pretty intense.

[Thanks, Dustin R.]

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