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DS Daily: Experienced


I was reminded by Leigh Alexander's adorable childhood Phantasy Star II fanworks of my own recent, abortive attempts to replay the game. What was shockingly doable when I was 11 is now painful and a little tedious. We have been coddled by role-playing games with sensible level progressions and relatively small dungeons (with automaps, even -- when was the last time you got graph paper out for a dungeon?)

With Final Fantasy III already out and IV on the way, as well as Dragon Quests aplenty, Ys, Shiren the Wanderer and even remakes of PlayStation-era RPGs, the DS is going to be neck-deep in antiquated RPGs soon. How many of you have managed to get through an old-school RPG in the modern era? If so, did you have experience with them when they were new?

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