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Samsung trademarks "SyncPaper" -- e-book reader on the way?


The trademarking sleuths over at Trademork have themselves another doozy. Samsung Electronics just filed a trademark on "SyncPaper" in relation to "electronic ink display devices; computers; MP3 players; mobile telephones; DMB receivers" and more. The "Paper" part of the trademark seems relatively straightforward given that Samsung was showing off a 40-inch E Ink Vizplex display back in May in addition to a bevy of flexible displays over the years. Now if only we could figure out what "Sync" was referring to. A wireless e-book reader like the Kindle perhaps? Samsung -- the number 1 CE brand globally -- is conspicuously absent from the burgeoning e-book reader market after all. What do you think oh gentle, omniscient reader?

[Via Trademork]

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