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Cinemassively: Sand, Episode 1

Moo Money

If you're just tuning in, we've been following the storyline of Scion City in Second Life. So far, they've discovered a vehicle that allowed them to uncover a transmission device. A mysterious woman transmits a message to them, but it is not yet clear what she wants ...

Episode 1, directed by Michael Verdi, sees one of the explorers doubting that any life could exist below the sand. The transmission device begins playing the commercial for Scion City, which gives them the idea that if they unearth the structure, they'll have enough power to save their colony. After a bit of digging, they find a vehicle with a skeleton in it, and a hatch that leads to something. When they struggle to open it, an explorer decides to use the vehicle they found in Episode 0 to help.

Did they survive the crash? What's inside the hatch? Tune in tomorrow for more of the story!

Read on for more trivia about the films ...

Wagner James Au, aka Hamlet Au, of New World Notes, wrote the script for this six-part series. According to a recent blog entry, he only knows part of the story of Scion City, so he advises readers to visit the website.

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