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Guildwatch: First come, first served

Mike Schramm

Time once again for Guildwatch, your weekly dose of guild drama, downed, and recruiting news from around the realms. Every week, we collect your tips, sort them out all pretty-like, and put them together in one column. It's all the guild news you can handle, all in one place.

This week's GW starts right after the jump. And don't forget to send us your own tips for next week: is the address. Click away!


  • More crazy AQ Gate opening drama, this time on Nazgrel, where apparently three people were trying for the open (including a transfer character), and one of them up and ninja'ed the official open from the others. The wronged party (I'm pretty sure Array is the transfer, and Clericdiablo of Caligo Hora is the woman guy (our tipster was wrong) who went ahead and rang the gong anyway) speaks here. Our tipster says Cleric was worried the others would open the gates before ho,, so he opened them up first. You say, "but it's a 10 hour event," but apparently they didn't have enough time to finish within that window. So what's the problem-- he finished first, she gets to do it, right?
  • Last week, Imminent Rueage of Thorium Brotherhood appeared in our downed section, but this week they're up here-- apparently after their Gruul kill, a few members of the guild stealthily formed a Zul'Aman raid, and that churned up, we're told by our tipster, all kinds of turmoil. Another tipster tell us that some of the "secret raiders" even denied the existence of a ZA raid-- even while they were summoning people to ZA. Supposedly a few nights of /gquits ensued, and things got a little wacky.
  • Mount Olympus on Eredar-A apparently hit a rough patch recently-- their GLs up and transferred without actually telling anyone. Many /gquits, we're told, ensued.
  • Burning Dragoons on Nagrand-A is apparently one of those guilds that's bleeding players because they're not raiding-- the GM and a few officers left the guild because they wanted to start raiding. Apparently the new GM wants to start raiding, but a few of the members are concerned that they can't stay casual and raid at the same time, and our tipster posted the question to me: can you stay casual and still have a raiding group going on? I'd say yes-- it only takes 10 people to raid Karazhan, and there's more than enough room in a guild for 10 raiders and a bunch of other casual players (hell, I raid Kara and SSC with my guild occasionally, but I consider myself a casual player). But I'll leave the question to you commenters: can a guild be raiding and still be casual?
  • I like this one-- Mattrick on Area 52-H had a problem with the GM of Gnomish Tea Party, so he went Robin Hood on them, and ninja'ed the entire guild bank full of enchanting mats, only to give them away to random players on the server. I also like how meta the thread is-- not only does it have Patronis, the GM, denying that anything bad has happened, but the peanut gallery is screaming for a flame war. It's like the arenas of Ancient Rome!
  • Game Theory on Blackhand was doing well when all of a sudden their raidleader, Mallius, threw in the towel. Rumor has it that he'd been suffering trying to progress, and, according to our tipster, had supposedly been paying higher up guilds on Blackhand to get his guild to progress. Apparently, says the email we got, "the top guilds don't feel like babysitting people."
  • Loot is usually what causes drama, but in this case, it's loot that hasn't even dropped yet. Synergy on Stormrage apparently made the decision to call people out when they died during the Archimonde fight, because they were concerned they weren't finishing him off fast enough. As you might guess, that rubbed people the wrong way, and a guild bank ninja/transfer combo ensued. Guild, we hear, over.
  • Finally, just to balance out all the infighting and drama, here's a good story. Shadow Warriors on Drenden is apparently an amazing group of people-- one of our readers emailed us to say that they showered her with kindness. She's a new player, and they hooked her up with bags, gold, and even help with quests. Good on them for making a newbie feel welcome.
  • The Crimson Knights on Aerie Peak downed Illhoof after a bumpy fight. And then went on to finish off Prince for the first time as well. All that matters at the end, guys, is that the boss has 0 hp, really.
  • Masque on Dath'remar-A is rolling through Mount Hyjal and the Black Temple: Rage, Anatheron, and Kaz'rogal last Saturday, and Najentus and Supremus on Monday, and Akama on Tuesday. Azgalor is on notice.
  • Poison Arrow of Malygos cleared Karazhan in 5 hours, they are happy to report.
  • Disposable Heroes on Dunemaul downed Gruul for the first time, and then later downed the Eagle boss in ZA. Grats!
  • Blind Fate on Khaz Modan-H also finished off Gruul (and made headway with two groups into Zul'Aman). They're also recruiting holy priests and warlocks, and you can apply on their website.
  • Untouchables on EU Lightbringer-A downed Loot Reaver (at least that's what we call him around here), and they took have downed HKM and Gruul. Nice job.
  • Last week, Order of the Raven on Aggramar reported that they'd downed Illidan for a server first, and that they'd "beaten the game." Seeing as most guilds (most guilds I know, anyway) do BT and then Hyjal, I said that they needed to go to Hyjal to completely finish the game, but I stand corrected-- I'm now told that they've already demolished Hyjal. Good on ya'll, then-- grats on a Warcraft clear.
  • Darksun Angel Cult on EU Darkspear finished off Curator, even though I hear he was "equipped for gallery protection." They're also recruiting mature and well-geared players for a group 2, so look them up.
  • Serious Business of Argent Dawn (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) has downed Kael'thas himself. Now, they say, to Hyjal... and beyond!
  • First Karazhan run, and the September Movement on Arathor-H downed Attumen and took Moroes to 6% (he's on notice). They're also recruiting casual, friendly, and mature people to come raid with them.
  • Ordo Draconi on Cenarion Circle has been in Kara three times, and they've already cleared Curator and the Chess Event. Keep on rollin', folks!
  • Solstice recently transferred from Aerie Peak, and is now Incursion on Quel'dorei. After relaxing for a bit after transfer, they've already downed HKM and Gruul on the new digs. Nice job.
  • Esoteric Anomaly on Cenarion Circle had a weird Curator fight-- he evaded every few seconds, which means that the sparks would despawn, and aggro would clear. They got him down, though-- after their MT died, they just kited him around until he died.
  • Infusion on Shadow Council-H downed Vashj after working on her for three weeks. KT, better get those robes cleaned and pressed-- you're on notice.
  • SoulDusters on Azjol-Nerub-A has been doing a little dusting in Medivh's old tower-- they've cleared all the way up through R&J in the Opera. Grats!
  • KFMB (that's Kung Foo Monkey Badgers on EU Runetotem, and if you don't know, now you know) downed Prince and the Bear Boss. They are, in their words, "ubah."
  • DHaran of Dath'remar-A finished off Gruul and then headed for LOLReaver, but didn't finish him before, I guess, they called it a night.
  • Pango Honoratus on Twisting Nether is made up of the members of a former guild reported previously on GW, but in their first trip to Gruul's, they finished off both HKM and the gronn overlord himself. Grats to them.
  • Prime on Ysera downed both Loot Reaver and Lurker this week, and want you to know that Hydross is on notice with a capital no.
  • Ævolution on Blackhand finished off Magtheridon and Loot Reaver themselves. I guess it's ok for a guild name to have the Æ character, but don't you hate when characters do that and then you can't type their name?
  • Lucidity on Thorium Brotherhood-H sends along grats to their friends in Bloodrite for their server-first kill of Lady Vashj. That's what I like to see. Grats!
  • KVN on Laughing Skull-A downed Fathomlord this week on their first full night of attempts. Zul'jin also owes them some vengeance,Leotheras also fell to them, and Magtheridon is on notice-- they don't so much want to kill him, apparently, as just to make him shut up about the blood. We get it, Maggie-- your blood is your own.
  • Softcore on EU Kazzak downed Hydross the Unstable on January the 11th on their first try, and that they are recruiting some more healers for further raiding.
  • Moral Sanctity on Zangarmarsh-A has dropped (get this) Magtheridon, The Lurker Bellow, Doom Lord Kazzak, Al'ar, Hydross the Unstable, and Leotheras the Blind, all in the past 12 days. That is a lot of raiding, and Fathomlord is on notice.
  • Tenacity on Cenarius-H has had three guild firsts in one week: Lady Vashj, Al'ar and High Astromancer Solarian. Kael'thas is on notice for them as well.
  • And Dark Fist on Argent Dawn-A just downed Kael'thas. KT is getting a lot of hate from you guys this week for some reason.
  • Cthulu on EU Eonar one-shotted HKM and Gruul, and they're still looking for pallies, priests, and shamans.
  • Wreckage on Skywall-H has had some nice progression lately: Tidewalker, Magtheridon, Fathomlord, and Hex Lord Malacrass. Al'ar is on notice.
  • Fixate of Frostmourne had Archimonde on the ropes at 10%-- when he bugged out. They wiped, came back, and he was still at 10%, so a little DPS later, they downed him. They'll kill him properly later, they say.
  • Foundation of Dentarg two-shotted the Fathomlord, sending him back down into, you guessed it, the fathoms.
  • Hostile of Malorne-H downed Illidan for a server first. Bring on the Sunwell, they say!
  • Dreadguard on Windrunner-H is looking to fill out a raiding force for SSC/TK.
  • Mattari on Norgannon-A is a 40+ person, family style guild looking for levels 50 and up to get to 70 and head into the endgame.
  • My Little Pwny on Skullcrusher-A is recruiting new raiders for Mag and SSC, so please be dressed in Kara gear and available to raid three nights a week.
  • Honorbound on Steamwheedle Cartel-H is looking for mature, skilled, and well-geared, -gemmed, and -enchanted players to come raid the end of Black Temple with them.
  • Acadia Rage is a small guild on Azuremyst (with a well-stocked guild bank) looking for fun and friendly people to become team players and friends.
  • Sword of Azeroth on Undermine is looking for more members to raid with and, more importantly, have a good time with. Zero-pressure raiding is what they're all about, so if you're looking to poke your head into Kara, look them up.
  • Eminence Front on Terrokar-H is recruiting mature players for SSC and TK.
  • Band of Thorns on Vekil'nash-H is a casual raiding guild that is currently looking for druids, mages, warlocks, and shamans to help start raiding SSC and above.
  • Blades of Light on Sentinels-A is recruiting for ZA and the 25 mans.
  • Knights of the Legion on EU Draenor is recruiting priests for SSC and TK. Apparently you shouldn't be afraid of "the abuse of sheeps." Your guess is as good as mine on that one.
  • ST Syndicate on EU Draenor-A is recruiting raiders of all levels age 16+ for ZA and the 25 mans. They raid Tues, Wed, and Friday, so be ready to go those days, please.
That's it for this week's GW! Holy cow that was a lot of info to post. To send in your own tips, drop a line to Until next week, happy raiding!

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