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Jobs on DVR in the Apple TV, the MacBook Air, and the Kindle

Scott McNulty

TUAW didn't get a chance to sit down with Steve Jobs after yesterday's keynote for some reason, but Mr. Jobs did find time to chat with the New York Times (it is a small paper out of Manhattan) where he talked about what Apple introduced, and gave his thoughts on some other happenings in the tech sphere.

Jobs is a big fan of the MacBook Air.He thinks it is the best Mac Apple has produced and he'll be the first in line to buy one (Come on, Steve, didn't you pre-order one after the keynote like the rest of us?). After talking about the MacBook Air Steve said that the Kindle, Amazon's eBook reader, is doomed to fail because no one reads (which explains why all bookstores are closing), and that Bill Gates' retirement is a big deal. He didn't offer up any hints as to when he, himself, will step down from being CEO of Apple.

[via Engadget]

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