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Keepin' it real fake, part CV: Chinese automakers invade Detroit Auto Show


They're not hybrids or all-electrics, and you likely won't be distracted their overflowing in-car technology, so they're not exactly in our usual scope of coverage, but this new batch of vehicles from a couple of Chinese automakers is certainly right at home in our keepin' it real fake series, which is somehow never starved for material. Among those that did their best to blend in at the Detroit Auto Show is Geely and its Cadillac-esque HIFUN model pictured above, as well as the double-take-inducing ChangFeng Hyundai-lookalike and BYD Auto's Mercedes-influenced F8, both pictured after the break. What's more, unlike the vast majority of KIRFs we see, at least some of these will supposedly be available round these parts in the not so distant future, and at the expected steep discounts over the vehicles their creator's seem to be so fond of as well.

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