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Master Chief: A supporting role in Halo movie

Dustin Burg

Talking with Newsweek's N'Gai Croal, Joseph Staten (Halo writer to the stars) uncharacteristically opened up about the now stalled Halo movie and talked about how Master Chief was set to be a ... supporting character? Twah?

N'Gai Croal bluntly asked Staten if there where issues with Master Chief wearing a helmet in the movie and how it would affect the emotional connection between viewer and our Chief. Staten agreed that the mystery surrounding Master Chief posed problems in translating the story to film and confirmed that in the final Halo movie script, Master Chief was to be "the most important supporting cast member". Bungie didn't feel that Chief could be the main character of a movie due to his emotional restrictions and because it would put limitations on the story they wanted to tell. Though, Staten did mention that Master Chief would be "absolutely critical to the film" in moving the story along and would be a perfect "anonymous problem solver" for the film. Just all the focus wouldn't be put on him.

So fanboys, what do you think? We fully understand that the Halo movie probably won't see the light of day for years and years to come, but we are torn apart by the fact that Master Chief wouldn't be the main character. Would you rather see a shoot-em-up, Master Chief focused explosion fest-o-fun or a more character focused story that is geared towards the Halo universe rather than the Chief himself? Discuss.

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