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Ntreev bringing arcade-style MMO to states

Chris Chester

We're not even a month into 2008, and already it seems like there's a veritable deluge of free MMOs coming through the pipes. Joining this rising tide is a new title called Grand Chase from Ntreev USA (the folks behind Trickster Online), which promises to bring an exciting real-time arcade style combat system that will set it apart from the pack. Though the leveling system will be standard RPG fare, combat will focus on skills, combos, and item-use. It's worth noting of course that Auran was promising a similar basket of real-time goodness with Fury not long ago, and we all know where that got them.

It's got kind of a funky anime look to it, which will no doubt endear it to a certain demographic and turn off another completely. The story, or at least the vague allusions to a story from the bits of information we've gathered, center on some sort of epic battle against an evil Queen of Darkness. How they plan to stretch that over dozens or hundreds of hours of gameplay isn't exactly clear, but we're sure they'll figure it out. If you want to see the game's zany eastern stylings for yourself, head on over to the official site for a bewildering video introduction.

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