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Breakfast Topic: Blizzard made me quit

Amanda Miller

It's not new that players all over the trade channel and forums have been threatening to quit WoW after every change, or lack thereof, that Blizzard makes. After the latest hunter pet hotfix, rendering the Grimtotem Spirit Guides untameable, the fur has been flying.

In fact, with this change, discontent is circling the blogosphere as well as the forums. John Patricelli of WoW Insider and Big Bear Butt Blogger,
has quite a bit to say about the nerf, and Time Well Wasted composed a very thorough write-up on the subject.

Would you ever quit WoW because of a decision made by Blizzard? What would it take to push you to this point? Many people leave the game due to relationships, time constraints, jobs, and finances, but how many of you know someone who has quit because Blizzard made a change?

Personally, I have all but given up on alts, or taken hiatuses from my main character, because of game aspects that were altered, or needed to be.

I sincerely doubt I would ever quit WoW entirely because of Blizzard's decisions, but this is being stated with a fair degree of trust that Blizzard would never deliberately, and for a prolonged period, render a class wholly unplayable. Where do you stand?

More specifically, will you quit over the loss of the wolf?

[Thanks Christopher!]

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