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Happy 1.1.3 firmware ending for TUAW reader

TUAW Reader Randal S. writes in with a happy unbricking story. After running AnySIM on his 1.0.2 iPhone, he ignored the warnings and upgraded his phone to a 1.1.1 brick. "Even taking it back to 1.0.2, I couldn't get past the bad IMEI and SIM messages. I tried many things to get it fixed. Hopeless."

Now, after the release of 1.1.3, he tried putting his now-1.0.2 phone into recovery mode and updated it to 1.1.3. "It rewrote the firmware, and I now have a fully functional 1.1.3 phone! Yeay! So 1.1.3 firmware must be a complete rewrite. Just FYI, but you probably already knew."

See, TUAW readers? Happy endings do come true! His 1.1.3 phone is back to being locked but it's working again and can be used on the AT&T network.

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