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In face of release announcements, last week's HD DVD sales sink to 15%

Steven Kim

The hard times for HD DVD just keep continuing. Last week was absolutely brutal, and the ensuing "quiet period" among the remaining HD DVD players didn't help in either the eyes of consumers or the media. The result? After floating around the 30-40% mark for most of 2007's weekly sales figures, last week saw that figure knocked down to a paltry 15%, with absolutely zero HD DVD titles in the top ten. Battered, but not beaten, the HD DVD group is hoping to turn things around with announcements of upcoming releases. Warner's release of "Twister" on Blu-ray 3-weeks ahead of HD DVD is salt in the wound, but Paramount and Universal are committing to the fight with title like "The Jack Ryan Collection" and "American Gangster." It's looking pretty grim for the red team right now, so keep an eye on the VideoScan death watch numbers.

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