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Infogrames CEO outlines recovery plans for company and Atari


Infogrames CEO Patrick Leleu plans to turn his beleaguered company (which owns even more beleaguered Atari) around by focusing on mass-market friendly titles, an Atari games portal and getting some now-gen titles out the door. Leleu spoke with French newspaper Les Echos, with the interview being translated by Next-Gen.

Leleu said there are three major things the company plans to do to turn its financial fortunes around. The first is a plan to spend big with the company's new loan on established properties like Alone in the Dark (now expected in May, uh huh), Test Drive and Dungeons and Dragons. Next, the company will increase investment in "mass-market titles" for the new demographics drawn to the DS and Wii -- whether that means more shovelware or actual new stuff is anyone's guess. Finally, Infogrames wants to boost Atari's internet presence by making a place to play online or download games; this made all the more clear by GameTap's loss of Atari titles. It's time to gussy up the old cow up and make her look good for buying.

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