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Leisure Suit Larry hits PS3, boasting Box Office Bust

Nick Doerr

Some game companies learn that when they make a horrid, insulting game that flops all over the place, they shouldn't make another one. For some reason or another, Leisure Suit Larry defies that logical rule and sucks every time he resurfaces. Maybe we're being too cruel. Out there, we're sure a couple people have enjoyed the sexual antics of a man whose stature apparently belies his charm. Now he's coming to the PS3.

Enter Box Office Bust -- a name that implies the success of the gaming franchise as well as a booby joke. Larry finds himself doing some summer work at his uncle's movie lot doing odd jobs and seeking a mole who wishes to destroy his uncle's privacy by ... airing the studio's dirty laundry? Whatever, we're sure it's not important. The game boasts a pretty decent cast of voice-actors and writers, which may be necessary to raise this series from nothing into something. Are we being too harsh? We're just skeptical. Even so, we'll keep an eye on this title as it develops.

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