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Not safe for people who don't think Miis should have these things on their faces

Eric Caoili

With the help of his sophomoric brothers, Jesus of Razareth has created some of the dirtiest Miis we've ever come across. There are 19 in total, each one depicting a range of lewd activities and enlarged genitalia.

We can't even name some of the pornographic scenes here without forever corrupting the chaste ears of our younger readers. Instead, we'll describe the acts by listing their initials: TB, CG, TF, XQ, and GS. Our eyes went wide when we first saw them, too! If you're alright with loading NSFW images onto your screen, or if you just want to see a Mii showing someone SHJ in SA, then hit the "Read" link below.

One Mii's face actually paints a picture of two Miis relieving themselves on another Mii's face, Calvin-style. Why would they want to do that? And why doesn't she jump out of the way? Maybe her face is on fire, and they're only trying to help her put it out? Or perhaps this is a woman who has made a series of bad decisions in her life, this being the latest.

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