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Rock Band hack turns game drums into real drums, won't improve your timing


It was only a matter of time before someone came up with this hack. Instead of dropping an arm and a leg on some high-falutin' Simmons rig, you can now utilize your Rock Band drum kit to bone up on your "In the Air Tonight" fills. A gentleman named Andrew Rudson has taken the kit out of the game, turned it into a proper instrument, and is calling it Drum Machine. Using a "hack" to get the set playing nice with Windows, Andrew has augmented the experience by creating a drum "brain" that lets you assign sounds to the pads, a slick 3D interface which allows you to watch an on-screen representation of your kit in action, and a record / playback component so that you can review and / or show off your killer performances. Check the video after the break to see what we mean, and then hit up Andrew's site for the software.

[Thanks, Graham]

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