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Samsung partners with HydroGen to distribute fuel cell power plants

Darren Murph

Trust us, this ain't the first time we've heard "Samsung" and "fuel cell" mentioned in the same breath, but signing up with another firm to be its "sole and exclusive distributor" of fuel cell power plants sounds pretty serious. Sure enough, Sammy has inked an agreement with US-based HydroGen, and will soon be selling its phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC) power plants in Asia, the Middle East and in other unspecified regions. Reportedly, Samsung is planning to use HydroGen's technologies to "supply heat and electricity from fuel cell power plants to Korean chemical plants or energy providers and expand its business into the hydrogen fuel cell market." Yeah, we'd say locking things in with a hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer 'til 2015 is a pretty good way to accomplish that.

[Via Chosun]

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