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Sharp hooks up Syntax-Brillian with LCD panels aplenty


It looks like Syntax-Brillian (makers of Olevia LCD TVs) won't be scrounging around for LCD panels anytime in the near future, as the company has just announced that it's signed a deal with Sharp that'll see the company deliver a minimum of 700,000 LCD panels to 'em during 2008. That includes 32-, 37-, 52- and 65-inch size panels, with an option to buy additional panels based on market demand. Nothing too extraordinary there, but the deal does gives Syntax-Brillian and Taiwan's Kolin exclusive rights to Sharp's top-end 65-inch, 120Hz LCD panels through September 2008, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at. While the ink's still barely dry on this contract, as we heard during CES, those panels are already their way into some Olevia sets due in the second quarter of this year, making that "exclusive" period a bit on the short side, though we don't doubt Syntax-Brillian will make the most of it.

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