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We're guessing this is the E-TEN glofiish V900

Chris Ziegler

Seeing how this allegedly leaked shot of the upcoming glofiish V900 from E-TEN looks exactly like E-TEN's own promo shot for Mobile World Congress, we're thinking it's the real deal. It actually looks a heck of a lot better now than it that little tiny thumbnail we saw before (dare we say high end?) with tasteful chrome accents, a fairly aggressive display-to-case size ratio, and a front cam for video calling, suggesting this sucker's packing at least UMTS, if not better. That sexy display will come in handy, too, considering that the V900 is going to be packing a veritable what's what of mobile TV standards when it rolls out -- not so much on the MediaFLO, but then again, we're not sure it makes the "what's what" cut, anyway.

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