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DISH Network adds HD only package

Ben Drawbaugh

Devout HD fans don't have a problem spending money -- in fact they'll usually spend whatever it takes on the latest HDTV or HD Movie player -- but paying for all those SD channels that are useless 'cause they don't have HD programming can really get under your skin. Luckily DISH Network is listening, and starting February 1st there will be a new package that only includes HD channels -- more specifically, it includes all HD channels within dishHD Ultimate, excluding HD regional sports networks -- and the best news of all is, as you'd expect it's less expensive at $29.00 a month. But if you can't let go of your South Park addiction don't worry, as there are is also a new dishHD Essential plan that might work out better for you. This great news combined with Dish's 100/100 plan could once again make Dish the HD leader.

Read - dishHD only.
Read - dishHD Essential.

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