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Green Bay FOX affiliate refusing to give HD to TWC

Darren Murph

In Green Bay, Wisconsin, there's Packers football, and then there's Packers football. 'Course, if you can't make it out to the stadium, the next best option is kicking back and watching Favre lead the Pack to victory in beautiful high-definition. Unfortunately for Time Warner Cable (partly owned by Time Warner, parent company of AOL, which owns Engadget) customers in the area, you won't be indulging without an antenna. As we've seen in so many other cases, WLUK FOX 11 is refusing to hand over its HD content to local cable / satellite providers gratis, and is currently seeking "around $0.02 per day for each digital household." To make matters worse, it's the only remaining network of The Big 4 not available in HD with TWC, and unfortunately, it doesn't even seem like an agreement is within sight. Just another excuse to make it out to Lambeau Field, right?

[Thanks David S., image courtesy of Flickr]

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