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Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending January 13th, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

We must say we didn't see this coming, sure we knew the Warner announcement would have some impact on the Nielsen VideoScan numbers, courtesy of Home Media Magazine, but who would've guessed the spread would be 85/15 (5.7:1)? What is just as telling is the top ten chart, which despite having six titles on it that are also available on HD DVD, not one HD DVD made the list for the first time since we can remember, -- first time ever? To be fair, we should point out that HD DVD didn't have any blockbusters in the past few weeks and as we've seen many times, a big exclusive title like 3:10 to Yuma can give both sides a surge. But with no big titles on the calendar in the next few months for red, we wouldn't be surprised if these crazily lopsided sales become the norm. We do wonder how long HD DVD will stay the course if they can't even garner 20% of the movie sales market.

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