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DLO's iBoom JukeBox mildly resembles an igloo

Darren Murph

Yeah, the whole igloo comparison loses some steam once you peek this thing from the side, but when glancing it head-on, we can't help but be overcome with imagery of our childhood days spent in the plains of Greenland. Unfortunately, this thing's ability to conjure up said memories is probably its standout feature -- well, aside from the RF remote that enables users to browse iPod content right on its screen (shown after the break). Outside of that, you'll find a totally average speaker setup consisting of twin one-inch tweeters and three-inch woofers along with a set of touch-sensitive controls atop the device itself. Reportedly, the iBoom JukeBox is slated to further saturate the iPod speaker system market this Spring for $199.99.

[Via MacMinute]

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