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NASA may enter game publishing realm with space exploration MMO

Though space-themed MMOs have a tendency of hastily going the way of the dodo (sometimes before they're ever released), NASA is considering throwing their lot into the ever-growing MMO market with an online space exploration game that will allow players to "simulate real Nasa engineering and science missions" with thousands of other wannabe cosmonauts. That is, if a thousand people purchase the game -- an unlikely scenario, considering the title doesn't include the words "world", "of", "war", or "craft".

We love the idea of an MMO based on real-life space experiments, however, we doubt the game will appeal to the Barrens Chat crowd without the timely addition of "lazorz" and "totally crazy aliens". Actually, that might be a good thing -- we shudder to think of the implications of the creation of "Uranus Chat".

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