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Wii Fit shipping Stateside Q2 2008, says Nintendo


Alright America, you've got yourself some prep work to do: Nintendo's about to foist this whole nefarious "exercise" paradigm on you, in the form of the Wii Fit, and we know how you fell for that whole "Wii" fad a year or so back. The thing has a 300 pound weight limit at the moment, though it's unclear if Nintendo is going to "upgrade" that for American users, but you'll just have to risk it. We figure a few dozen Twinkies a day, on top of a couple potlucks a week, and a few barrels of Pocky to keep it cultural, and you should have yourself out of contention for silly balance exercises and hula hooping tomfoolery by the time Q2 rolls around, Nintendo's promised ship date. Crisis averted.

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