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Rumor: Video surfaces of XBLA GoldenEye 007

Dustin Burg

We'd like to direct your attention to the embedded YouTube video above. This video is somewhat special. Special, because it's rumored to have been uploaded by an employee from Rare showing off an in-house build of what GoldenEye 007 would look like as an Xbox Live Arcade game. You know, because there have been numerous rumors of an XBLA version being worked on. But the video is very controversial. Controversial, because nobody can be 100% sure that it's real or fake. The improved textures, framerate and gameplay lends itself to being real, but some say it could be a l33t programmer doing a ROM hack. You'll have to ponder this one and analyze the picture evidence. Real or fake? We dunno, but we thought this video was worth your attention. That is all. Good day.

[Via N4G, Thanks Karl]

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