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Again, Bully becomes the center of controversy

Dustin Burg

With Bully: Scholarship Edition's upcoming release this March, the anti-bullying activists and UK's media are again throwing a temper tantrum over Rockstar's "controversial" game. Did we mention they aren't happy?

When released on the PS2, the UK version of Bully underwent a name change to Canis Canem Edit (that's "Dog Eat Dog" in latin) which was probably an effort by Rockstar to keep the controversy to a minimum. But this time around, the 360 and Wii version will forgo a latin name change and be called Bully: Scholarship Edition and that doesn't seem to sit well with anti-bully activists. And even though Bully is a rather tame game whose story doesn't specifically reward bullying, it's made by Rockstar and deals with touchy subject matter, so this kind of controversy is expected. It's controversy Rockstar is all too familiar with.

[Via Game Stooge]

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