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Age of Conan preview makes mention of women, animations

Kyle Horner

Curse has a new write-up about their recent trip to FunCom where they go over some key issues fans of the upcoming Age of Conan might want to know about. One such thing is in regards to the severe lack of a female presence in the world of Hyboria up to this point. We're told that the main reason we haven't seen any female player characters is that FunCom wanted to do it up right. After all, you only get to make first impressions once. Well, apparently now that females are ready for the spotlight, beta testers can expect to see them as soon as the next patch even. This bodes well for the rest of us seeing the lovely ladies of Hyboria sooner rather than later.

If FunCom takes their armor sets as seriously as they take their Hyborian women, then it sounds like we're in for some satisfying sets of equipment. We're told to expect over 500 unique armor pieces, which in terms of sets doesn't tell us too much. Although a very rough guess on our part would be somewhere in the ballpark of 70-90 armor sets, which would span over three races and twelve classes. If they keep their word then hopefully we won't have a bunch of clones running around.

What really interested us the most, however, was that after hearing lots of concerned feedback on the run animations the developers are going back to the motion capture, uh -- board. Sure, you can expect all sorts of custom fatality animations for different classes, but FunCom continues to impress us with their ability to listen to the community. There's nothing worse than an unnatural looking run animation when you have to stare at it constantly for hours on end.

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