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Keighley takes on Fox News' seXbox seXpos


SeXbox? Really, Fox News? You can't even pretend that you didn't crib that title straight from last week's insane rant on Mass Effect, wherein one right-wing blogger claimed players could "hump in every form, format, multiple, gender-oriented possibility they can think of." But you didn't just crib the title, you covered the same topic in the very same game and even managed to recycle the same erroneous claims that the original creep had already recanted! And it only took you what ... two months after the game first landed in the impressionable hands of pre-pubescent boys everywhere? Bravo!

But oh, what's this? You invited the capable Geoff Keighley on the show to combat the embarrassingly uninformed opinions of one Ms. Cooper Lawrence (loving that book cover, Cooper), a "developmental psychologist" who literally laughs at the mere prospect of playing a video game before flapping her gums about it on national television. Sure, they don't give Geoff enough time to get as many punches in as we'd have liked to see, but that double dose of "that's completely incorrect" is sure to leave a mark in the morning.

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