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Modu: feast of vivid, confusing imagery teases new wireless product

Chris Ziegler

So some new start-up is getting ready to come out of stealth mode and wow the world with its innovative, paradigm-shifting gadget -- but naturally, you've gotta build a little bit of buzz before you can cross that bridge. Modu's website is devoid of information that might lead us to conclude what kind of device the firm is prepping, but the teaser video is a psychedelic trip through a day in some Modu user's life during which we can make out a few ultra-brief moments of some pretty hot looking... something or other. About all we know is that there are cell radios involved; if we had to venture a guess, we'd say they're doing up sort of wireless module that can be popped into a variety of devices, providing voice and 3G data, contacts, multimedia stuff, and other digital miscellany -- sort of like Bluetooth, but the transport layer becomes a physical piece of equipment. Well, what do you think it is, eh?

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