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Samsung t819 slider officially joins T-Mobile

Chris Ziegler

Though its FCC documents clearly indicate the delicious presence of WCDMA on the 1700MHz band, T-Mobile and Samsung are continuing their policy of totally downplaying AWS 3G in new handsets with the official introduction today of the t819 slider. The midrange device tops out with quadband EDGE (or that's the official line, anyway), stereo Bluetooth, a 1.3 megapixel camera, microSD expansion, and a middling 220 x 176 display all tied together with the typical myFaves support -- not the most exciting thing, but not every release can be a new Sidekick, we reckon. The secret 3G phone of your middle-of-the-road dreams is available today in "coffee brown" from T-Mobile's site and retail locations.

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