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Willcom picks up a pair of sleek new candybars

Darren Murph

Check it, Willcom faithful. Two new candybar-styled handsets have emerged for your carrier of choice, and we must say, we're pretty envious. Up first is the Kyocera WX330K (or Honey Bee, as we prefer), which checks in at 42- x 120- x 9.9-millimeters, is available in five different hues and features a two-inch QVGA display, Opera 7.2 browser, IrDA and an eye-catching Call button (of all things). Next up is the elusive X Plate, a 64-gram sophisticated toy that boasts a 1.8-inch LCD along with Java and Flash support. Plenty of pics waiting in the links below, so go on, take a peek at what America's missing out on.

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