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About the Bloggers: David Bowers

David Bowers

Twice a week, our writers will tell you more about themselves, and let you get to know them and the characters they play a little better. Click here to read more About the Bloggers.

What do you do for WoW Insider?

I blog about whatever seems interesting at the time, and I also write the roleplaying column, All the World's a Stage. I'm especially interested in writing about roleplaying and PvP, too, because they're the things I participate in most often. Everything and everyone in the game is interconnected, though, so even if I'm not a big raider, for instance, I still care a great deal about the things raiders are going through.

What's your main right now?

My current main is a draenei hunter, pictured above, but I'm spending just as much time with other alts right now, trying to decide which one will be my main Horde character. My most-played Hordie is currently a warlock. Previous mains I don't play as much anymore include a druid and a rogue, both Alliance.

For the Horde or Glory to the Alliance?

Heh. For both! I used to be all for the Alliance because I couldn't relate to the whole deformed and inherently violent look that many Horde characters have, but I'm one of those people for whom blood elves really opened up access to the Horde and see them in a new light. I like to appreciate the stories of the monstrous Horde races without actually having to play a monstrous character myself.

Favorite thing to do in Azeroth?

Definitely roleplaying. It's cooperative and creative, and very rewarding when you find good people to do it with. But RP never feels complete to me personally without also making some kind of progress in the game itself at the same time. I very much enjoy PvP and PvE adventures, and I try to integrate them into my roleplaying too. PvP is nice because it's easy to access, and challenging to go up against real people, but sometimes I definitely need a break. PvE adventures can take a long time, and in the end, the loot may not reward you at all for your trouble, but it's still fun to have good teamwork with friends.

What's the best instance in the game?

I like PvP instances best, and maybe Alterac Valley best of all, because despite the imbalances that always seem to plague one faction or the other, it's still a mix of PvE and PvP, and every match you play there can be different from the one before. Even now, things keep changing and we keep learning new strategies for it. And you don't have to spend hours to run through it one time either.

What's the number one thing Blizzard could do better?

I think they could provide more developed avenues of end-game progression for different people's play styles. Whether people are in large groups or small ones, we always want to feel like there's something waiting for us to accomplish. As it is now, lots of small-group casual players (who don't raid or PvP) tend to feel stuck at level 70, and there needs to be some sort of end-game progression for them too.

The best way to make money in game is...

I just did lots of quests and dailies, mining along the way and then selling the ores at the auction. That seemed to earn gold fairly fast, though it never quite feels fast enough!

Favorite mount?

My netherdrake is very fun to ride, but I hope to get an engineering mount with another character someday. I also like the gnomish mechanostriders, and even the blood elf birdies.

Favorite piece of loot?

I like the season one arena armor for hunters best for their looks. But PvP rewards in general are very nice because they're useful, they look good, and there's no loot tables involved in receiving them. PvE can be infuriating when your "favorite piece of loot" never ever drops no matter how many times over you have worked to deserve it.

When I'm not playing WoW, I'm...

Writing, drawing, teaching, listening, talking, reading, biking, and walking, are all things I love to do.

What accomplishment in-game are you most proud of?

I'm most proud of having met some very special people through WoW (and WoW Insider), and learned so much from my experiences interacting with them. In terms of in-game accomplishments, getting the Netherdrake mount felt like something special. It lets me fly around and imagine that I'm a dragon rider! That's pretty fun.

If you could add one touch of personal flair to your main, what would it be?

My touch of personal flair wouldn't just be for me personally, I suppose. I would just like more options for my character to interact with other people and the environment, which would give me more ways to express myself personally: the ability to express more realistic actions with my character, and interact with the environment more. I'd like to be able to actually hug other characters, or handshake, or take them by the hand and lead them somewhere. I'd also like to be able to move chairs around, pick up glasses and drink from them -- things that make the environment feel more real and less like a fake movie set.

If you had 10 more hours to play every week, what would you spend them doing?

My first thought in response to this question was roleplaying, and keeping up with different groups of roleplayers better. But in fact, it would vary from week to week, depending on how I feel and what opportunities are open. I generally just feel thankful for the time I have, whether it is more or less.

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