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Comcast's Fancast a hit with consumers

Darren Murph

Comcast's Fancast was launched rather quietly at CES just weeks ago, but apparently, the firm has really hit a homerun with this endeavor. The 'net is ablaze with positive reviews about the new site, which allows users to "watch, manage and find entertainment content wherever it is available." Granted, it is offering up full-length content from CBS, NBC, FOX (provided by Hulu), MTV Networks and BET Networks, so it's hard to miss with that much programming on tap. Of course, you'll also find hordes of recommendations based on previous selections, and if all goes to plan, Fancast users will even be able to program their DVR from their PC (and mobile?) sometime in 2008. So, Fancast users, we're hearing oodles of good stuff about this outlet -- are you equally impressed?

[Thanks, Nate]

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