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FCC filing for PS3 updated with white model


Sony may be planning to release a white version of its 40GB PS3 system in America soon, according to updated photos presented to the FCC. The photos submitted showcase a very sleek looking white system from a variety of angles. As is typical for the 40GB model, it appears it only has two USB ports in front, and no memory card readers. This listing doesn't necessarily mean the white system is confirmed, but it does make it much more likely that PS3 shoppers will get a new color option in the future.

A SCEA rep responded: "As you may know, there are many FCC filings like this each year. We haven't made any announcements about upcoming PS3 plans, but are comfortable with our current two sku strategy. We are continually evaluating the market trends and consumer input to determine the appropriate PS3 models for our territory. "

[Thanks, Matt R.!]

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