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MailTags speeding along with Beta 4


MailTags, what some would consider to be the ultimate enhancement, has hit public beta 4. Seems like we were just blogging about beta 3 earlier this month. Oh yeah, we were. And I have to admit that seeing a speedy development pace on one of my favorite plugins has me feeling warm right down to my extra-thick winter socks.

There isn't much in the way of new features, but there's an abundance of bugfixes and interface improvements. Beta 4 includes a workaround to compensate for incompatibilities with GMail's IMAP implementation, and updates for regular IMAP users to improve tag handling. There are improvements to the Spotlight import, a slew of changes in the preferences department, improvements to Notes handling and a few interface fixes. A "Clear color when clearing all Mailtags" option has also been added for the new Message Color Extra and fixes have been implemented for Rules and Smart Mailbox handling.

I've updated and tested with great results, and now I'm one beta release happier than I was yesterday. Visit the MailTags page to read about and download the latest release.

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