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ATI and NVIDIA's high-end workstation graphics get tested and compared


They may not have quite the broad appeal of the companies more gaming graphics cards, but ATI and NVIDIA's relatively recent FireGL V8650 and QuadroFX 5600 workstation graphics cards still have no shortage potential users, and an old-fashioned shootout between the two $1,000+ cards is hard to ignore. That spectacle comes courtesy of the folks at HotHardware, who loaded up each card in a suitably high-end system and put 'em through the usual array of benchmarks and tests. After all that was said and done, they gave the edge ever so slightly to the NVIDIA card, although they say it's "not completely cut and dry" as to what the absolute best option is. Working the ATI's favor, however, is its lower MSRP (despite having more memory than the NVIDIA) and its top of the line Maya performance, although it fell short of the NVIDIA in overall Open GL and Direct 3D performance. If that's not enough to sway you one way or the other, you can hit up the link below for the complete blow by blow benchmark action.

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