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Bird-Electron EZ17-B iPod Recycling Speaker

Scott McNulty

I like the planet as much as the next guy (unless I'm standing next to the commander of an alien force bent on destroying the Earth, in which case I like the planet much more than the next guy), and since Apple is trying to be more environmentally friendly I figured I might as well give it a go myself. The Bird-Electron EZ17-B iPod Recycling Speaker looks like it might help me achieve two goals: help the planet, and own more gadgets.

The Bird-Electron EZ17-B allows you to both reduce and reuse all at the same time, even while you try to figure out what its name means. That's right, this little $40 wonder magically transforms the package your Shuffle (2nd or 3rd gen) or Nano (1st or 2nd Gen) was contained in into a small speaker. Chances are that this little speaker isn't going to blow your mind in terms of volume or fidelity, but it will make you feel just a tad bit better than your fellow man and when it comes right down to it isn't that why we all use Apple products to begin with?

[via One Digital Life]

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