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Cartoon Network to enjoy huge TurnOut


Turner Entertainment, holder of the Cartoon Network brand, has announced its partnership with Outblaze Limited, a web infrastructure company, to create TurnOut Ventures Limited. They will focus on leveraging the character recognition appeal of the various CN franchises into online games, virtual spaces, and the like.

What would we like to see come from this? How about an MMO based on Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, where you can create your own monster? Or a Transformers game, where you can unlock the ability to transform to different vehicles as you level up? Or a Powerpuff Girls title where you are a new model of PG, patrolling the world, dispensing cuteness and justice in equal measure? Is the world ready for this? Are you? Am I?

No, I'm not. I'd like to keep game development away from established franchises, thank you. Now, mind you, aside from the football-themed MMO, the article under consideration doesn't specifically mention branded game development, so perhaps we'll be spared the further dilution of once-favorite characters via tacked-on plots and shoehorned game mechanics. I'd like to be right about that, but history continues to prove me wrong. I live in hope!

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