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Haze delayed again, to clear in next fiscal year

Jason Dobson

The name chosen for developer Free Radical's oft-delayed FPS Haze has become something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. While we were almost ready to get excited for the game to make its retail debut sometime before April, publisher Ubisoft broke news (and gamers' hearts) today by once more pushing the game out until an unspecified time during the coming 2008-09 fiscal year (read: after April).

The game's release date has become something of a running gag in certain circles, with Haze originally expected for the holidays before being brushed aside for what we were told was a final bit of spit polish. It would seem, however, from this latest news that Haze was in fact more sullied than previously believed. If there is one ray of sunshine to cast on this gloom it's that the delay has caused Ubisoft to raise its guidance for coming fiscal year to €1 billion (or nearly $1.5 billion in Earth currency) up from the €975 million previously forecast – though we're doubtful that Ubi's financial wherewithal will comfort those of you who have been told once again to wait your turn.

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