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Show floor video: Equinux shows the TubeStick


Equinux, makers of iSale, CoverScout and an interesting collection of other apps, was at Macworld demoing TubeStick, their TV receiver. Like El Gato's EyeTV, the TubeStick is a hardware doohickey with the TV parts inside (logically) and some software that lets you watch TV on your Mac. Unlike El Gato, however, there is a social aspect to TubeStick. Example: you can chat with friends who are watching the same thing. The CEO took us on a quick tour, which you can view after the break.

(Note: Equinux also gave us some show swag which we'll be giving away next week)

UPDATE: Switched back to Viddler for the video, but other services are coming soon. Meanwhile, here's the page with the video.

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